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Thoughts around POE

I wanted to share my thoughts here because I think the other player might think so too. I’ve been playing POE for over 3 years now. But lately the game is going for me in a direction that…

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Newcomer poe upgrade guide [practice location and other recommended]

The first difficulty (general) usually does not involve cards all the way to the task, but to the second difficulty (cruel) and the third difficulty (ruthless), you will find that the level is a bit of a kaka…

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After the transfer of POE, the sublimation talents are explained in detail. – Slayer

Many players in the exile road game want to transfer to sublimate their own career, but do not know how to operate, today I will bring you exile in the road of exile, sublimation talent graphic detailed, friends…

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How is PoE Chromatic obtained? What is the use of Chromatic?

The more gems linked in PoE, the better the gem attributes that this weapon can attach! However, sometimes the color of the gemstone slot on the equipment does not match the color of the gemstone. This is also…

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PoE Introduction to defense attributes, there are amazing numerical calculations.

Defense mechanism Blood volume Each character starts with 50 lives, +12 life per level Every point of strength can be +0.5 life Increases “Life Base Bonus” and “By Life Percent Bonus %” through equipment and talent Life base…

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PoE Career set up

The career setting of this game is very special and does not substantially affect the use of any items or skills. The differences are: The role model is different The starting position of the talent is different Different…

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