Announced new event type “Endless Ledge” for Race Season 4

This coming weekend is at the start of Path of Exile fall for the now already fourth race season – the corresponding schedule is expected to be released tomorrow. Will be there then, a new type of race called “Endless Ledge” to which Chris Wilson has revealed details today.

As in the Descent races there are also the beginning of Endless Ledges a chest that is the same and filled with start-Gems and basic items for all character classes. “Every level is a ledge,” said Chris continues. The first area will it include the standard Ledge monsters in the following map, however, there will be monster pack. The result: Even in relatively low levels can be scary monster combinations are facing.

The complete post by Chris Wilson Endless Ledge check directly afterwards. @ Chrono has in our forum PoE also have to start a discussion topic: Endless Ledge!

The Endless Ledge

We’re expecting to post the schedule for Race Season 4 tomorrow. One of the event types (Which is not the signature event) is the Endless Ledge. This was designed as a low-budget new race type to Provide variety from the normal races while we focus most of our development effort on the impending full release of Path of Exile. Click through to the full post for more information and screenshots!

Like Descent, the Endless Ledge starts with a chest full of commission . In this league, it’s the same for all character classes and is pretty generous. It contains a selection of gems and starting base item types. An interesting choice is working out how long to delay yourself at the start by cramming gems into your inventory. There are no other commission chests in the event.

Every level is a ledge. Some of them look different to Ledges did you have seen before. The first area contains the standard Ledge monsters (mostly skeletons and scavengers), but the ones subsequent offer containment map monster packs . You can run into some horrifying Combinations of monsters at pretty low levels.

We’ve tested various durations for the Endless Ledge and feel did an hour is the best length for this event. It can be prone to the effects of randomness (for example, if you encounter a difficult set of monster packs or find an awesome item), but is a lot of fun. We have not made it the signature event of this season for that reason.

So we’re working on what is currently codenamed “Descent 2″ for Race Season 5, whichwill start a couple of weeks after full release later this year.

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