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Thoughts around POE

I wanted to share my thoughts here because I think the other player might think so too.
I’ve been playing POE for over 3 years now. But lately the game is going for me in a direction that I think.
I wonder who is the POU made for? When I read the interview with Mathil, who is said to be largely responsible for what has been developed further, I wonder for what if POE is made for the few streamer who play 8 hours or more every day, or for the many casual players like me who maybe in the evening one hour after work have time to play a bit.
Many game contents are withheld from the casual player. A player who plays maybe an hour in the evening will not get a headhunter or the items from the Shaper / Elder. Also, many builds are ruled out as casual players because they require a lot of items that you either have to farm or buy, but if you do not play much you either do not have the time to farm or currency to buy. Buy PoE Currency
I do not want to get a gift, but I want to play reasonably.
The EX penalty also gets on my nerves. As a casual player you sometimes die from time to time. But if you do not have much time to gamble, and with levels 80 and 30% in the game, and after half an hour playing with level 80 and 0% goes out, then that’s not much fun.
Although there are good builds that do not cost much, but with which you can not get into the high end game.
I have not seen it since the Shaper, because of lack of time and also because it is not possible as a casual player to come so high / far.
Uber-Aziri, The Guardian, Hall of Grandmasters, Elder, Shaper etc are all game content that you never get to see as a casual splitter.
If I see that after the start of the league on Sunday there are already players who are 80+, but I need 2 weeks for that, then you ask yourself where POE is going.
I tried to get involved with the races, but they are also freaking out over time, as there are only a few players left to decide what happens in the race and pick up the prizes on a regular basis. Why should I join in the races when “stuck” from the start who wins, and as a normal player you have no chance to mix up.
All this is not very motivating. Exalted Orbs
Even if GGG publishes a statistic about the incursion league, in which stands how many players in which maps have already died, then I find that little motivating. Of course, a game should have a certain level of swirl, not too easy, but not too heavy. But for mine, this statistic tells you that POE is too heavy. Too many players die too often for my taste, and always get the 10% XP deducted.

If I then level after 2 weeks, which I enjoy a lot, came through all 10 acts, and then in my Hideout stand, to begin to map, and then find that my equipment I have invented is great crap for the map, and I have to buy estmal new equipment, then I wonder where this should lead.
Again, I do not want to get the equipment as a gift, but it must be possible to play with normal equipment.
But no, I have to be careful, that I’m Resi-capt, I have to be careful, that I have over X-thousand lives, that I have enough DPS, etc.
Do not get me wrong, I find it very interesting to guggle with the individual pieces of equipment and to see what works and what does not, but why do I have to knock all my gear into the barrel and buy new ones?

There is still much that I could mention here, which is bad for me in POE.
But here too, do not get me wrong, there are many great and good things in POE.

So enough written. What do you say to that? Am I right or wrong with my view?
Is it just that and completely different?

I’m looking forward to your answers.

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