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PoE Novice talent selection points

POE’s talent tree may make it impossible for novices to start.

In fact, as long as there is a very basic understanding, it is not difficult to point to a talent tree.

In addition, the novice remembers that there is no hard hook between the POE character and the gameplay.

You like to use your witch to play with your hands, use the barbs to play with the bow, and use the Ranger to lose your spells.

Even if you don’t let go, you can kill it and you can definitely kill it.

Don’t be locked up by the stereotypes of other games.

(1) Selecting important sublimation/important points

The priority of choosing sublimation and talent is the same level.

In fact, sublimation can be seen as a combination of multiple large points.

So what is the “important” sublimation?

For example, blood poisoning – assassin / guardian, totem – saint / chieftain,

Golem – Elements, Green Ball – Knight

This kind of sublimation that is difficult to replace for a particular genre can be regarded as an “important” sublimation.

Of course, it is not to say that playing blood poisons does not require assassin to be garbage.

But there is a big price to reach the same level.

Without sublimation for a particular genre, it can be considered “not necessary”

Such as thugs (more damage), hunting (potency),

Judges (ignoring resistance), such sublimation has an effect on many schools.

But there will be no genre (probably) that is hard to play without these sublimation.

Sublimation will mainly affect 2 points

1 binding role

2 parts sublimation provides a high single ability / special effect

= Disguised can reduce the investment in talent and equipment in the same area

For example, the judge = no need to penetrate resistance, knight = do not need green ball to get etc

(2) Key talents

There are a lot of talents in the talent tree, such as

CI, double totem, VP, dizziness, cremation, must, move, sacrifice blood

These talent points affect the role of the mechanism itself, very important

Point talent depends on the location of the big point, it will also affect the fit of the starting role.

For example, if you want to use the Ranger to play double totem cremation, it is not worthwhile to pass too many points.

Usually choose to replace with equipment (such as cremation chain / totem quiver)

Or play directly with other characters

(叁) List the big points you need, and all the talent points you can use.

For example, to play the fire circle totem, you can use the talent points.

Fire / Elemental Injury + Law Injury + Casting Speed ​​+ Totem + Range

The big points you need are double totems, element overloads, etc.

It can be seen that the talent you need is basically concentrated in the upper left >; 1/3 on the upper right

Look at what other talents in this section are likely to be useful to you.

MOM, EB, double curse, burn injury etc

For another example, the useful talent for playing the archer will be concentrated in the lower right 1/3

Bow injury, attack speed, projectile, blood sucking, etc.

Other useful talents nearby = dodge, zero, projection penetration etc

Playing with your hands, you will concentrate on 1/3 of the bottom left.

Hands, weapons, injury, attack, bloodsucking, etc.

Useful nearby, must be, no halo, sacrifice blood etc…

And so on, you can roughly sort out the scope and route of the talent.

(After the nearby HP/ES point)

(4) Sort out the final use of the sublimation (starting point), the big point and the detailed talent route

This part of the novice can also play their own imagination.

One of the fun things about POE is the ability to build your own role.

Unlike other games, you can only play as set by the game.

The example is also the fire circle totem,

You can order double totems, you can use the old totem 3, you can use totems,

Can be crit / element overload, can be directly hit / burn, can support the range,

You can watch the A piece and play with one hand. Chaos Orbs

You can also + play your own tricks + throw traps + call a bunch of pets really busy

Defense can be HP, can be MOM, can be hybrid,

Can be anemia, can be CI, can be aura, can curse,

You can take a mental retardation and go from the old man to dodge (…)

Newbies often fear that they will smash the character casually.

So often only dare to copy the Raiders directly

In fact, I just gave up the opportunity to play with my own characteristics.

Also wasted the high degree of freedom of POE

The rotten character is a part of the POE, and each veteran has once smashed a bunch of characters.

The point of the Raiders text may (must be) stronger than yours, but not necessarily for you.

(Anyway, it’s bad to go back to the health check)

(5) Counting the talents in defense to ensure that the character has the most basic viability.

POE has a death penalty. If you do not have enough defense to practice a certain level, you will practice to the left.

The most common health check for novices is to point out a bunch of damage.

But there are not enough glass cannons with enough blood and no defense mechanism.

The dead are not DPS (the magic flow shows)

The following are some of the more common defense mechanisms of POE

HP, ES, resistance (nonsense), bloodsucking (+VP), blood return, maximum resistance, red ball,

Block, body, defensive aura/curse, cast when injured,

MOM (+EB), dodging, turning (armor/hate, etc.), avoiding fainting, avoiding bleeding, abnormal elements etc.

The big red word above is to say that only high HP/ES PoE Currency

But without the support of other defense mechanisms, it will eat the soil.

(As for armor and dodge, it is not important)

It is generally recommended that melee has 180%+HP and remote 140%+

Add some defenses that are easier to get on talent/equipment.

For example, witch – MOM, Ranger – Dodge, Savage – Free Halo / Red Ball, etc.

Among the mechanisms that are relatively easy for the novice and easy to obtain include

Vampire>; the highest (pseudo) defense mechanism of CP, as long as you can point talent

Body protection>; string can be obtained by mobile technology

Cast – Defensive spell (Immority / Polar / Fire Shield etc) when wounded; Provide buffer when hit

Injured Casting / Cursed Aura + Defensive Curse >; Very useful before being equipped

Free state>; the medicinal suffix can be obtained

Resistance>; In addition to equipment talent, there are two kinds of things called potion enchantment and resistance aura

MOM / dodge / free halo >; the role of the role in the vicinity of the CP is higher

Red ball>; trench/superintendent/sublimation/red jersey/naked head etc

(6) Finally, pay attention to the talent points that may be used during the promotion period.

There are some talent points that will be washed off during final molding.

But it would be very helpful if you first click out during the ascending period.

If the novice copy of the talent route attached to the Raiders article will ignore these talent points

For example, the most common force-sensitive (wearing equipment, raising skills), resistance,

HP (+MP+MOM) before the CI transition (/ dodge)

(You have seen the novices follow the Raiders point talent, ES can’t pass 2-4…)

Element overload (transformation into crit)

Vampire/free halo/projectile penetration/must/return blood etc (before getting relevant equipment)

Specific damage type, for example

Poisoning/Elemental Wuliu School firstly inflicted physical damage, chaotic/elemental weapon damage is difficult to support when pioneering

The crit genre, the first point of direct damage, the direct play crit is just self-abuse

Single/hands 武>;

If you have a weapon type talent such as axe sword hammer, change to another kind will become no addition etc.

Other more fancy-washed double totem igniting, washing bow and arrow traps, washing and healing points and so on (too far)

POE is designed to get 24 points to reset talent when you are in charge. There is no reason.

(In fact, it is not expensive to wash the talent stone)

These reset points are not used to give the player a 24 point error.

But after the upgraded level, the core package is used for transformation.

(7) Delete 10-15 points on your talent

Sometimes I will see a newcomer send a talent point to 123 points.

I want to ask… Are you sure you can get 100 or so?

(unless you are born with a singularity of the sword)

The novice will probably start to 80, 85, 90 and so on, and then start the Kakaka (or have begun to practice to the left)

It’s meaningless to point a talent tree with 100 or so.

Point to about 80-85, etc. is the best (about 105 points)

(For novices, the veteran does not whip)

> Most of the build has been formed, even if you can’t get it, you can refresh it.

>Can brush to most of the unique and washable T1 affixes = already have the ability to make money

>The equivalence penalty of the low-medium T map begins to notice, while the difficulty of the high T map increases significantly.

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