After the transfer of POE, the sublimation talents are explained in detail. – Slayer – Buy POE Currency – Buy Cheap Path of exile Orb, PoE Currency Guide

After the transfer of POE, the sublimation talents are explained in detail. – Slayer

Many players in the exile road game want to transfer to sublimate their own career, but do not know how to operate, today I will bring you exile in the road of exile, sublimation talent graphic detailed, friends in need Let’s see!

Sublimation talent
Second turn, awakening, deputy occupation, what to call casually, the exiled martyrdom has entered a new field. In history, 19 challengers entered the maze, and their power remained in the maze. When the player completes the King’s Maze for the first time, he or she can choose a sublimation talent, and each time he completes a difficulty king maze, he will receive 2 points of sublimation talent points.

There are a total of 19 sublimation talents to choose from, there is only one nobility, and each other has three optional talents.

The maze is ordinary, cruel, ruthless, and the ultimate four. The first time you complete a difficult king maze will receive 2 points of sublimation talent points, a total of 8 points. PoE Currency

Reset sublimation points: Use five points to regret points to reset a sublimation talent, you can directly operate on the talent interface.

Reset sublimation career: Complete any difficulty maze, before the final altar of the sublimation career choice, when you do not select any sublimation talent (or wash the sublimation talent before the selection) you can re-select a sublimation career.

A1 [headhunter] reduces the damage taken by 50%, gains 20% more damage in the recent kill, and increases the radius of the skill range by 15% in the recent kill.

A2 [Killer Legend] After killing the Rare and the Legendary Monsters, you gain a 20-second intensive attack, and the ability to hit an enemy with less than 20% of the blood can be culled.

B1 [ brutal enthusiasm] +10% life stealing, increase 100% life steal rate, avoid dizziness when stealing, immune bleeding when stealing.

Exalted Orbs

B2 [Endless Hunger] increases +5% maximum life steal rate, life will not cancel the life stealing effect when life is full, immune stun when life steals.

C1 [Repression] will cause dizziness when dealing damage to enemies full of blood, 100% stun time for enemies full of blood, 100% stun time for enemies with blood, 20% chance to increase stun time 1 Times.

D1 [Impact] The melee damage of the single unit spreads to the surrounding area, dealing 50% less damage to nearby enemies, increasing the radius of the range of 10%.

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