Excavation Road Market System Usage Method Earn Chaos Orbs Exalted Orbs Tips – Buy POE Currency – Buy Cheap Path of exile Orb, PoE Currency Guide

Excavation Road Market System Usage Method Earn Chaos Orbs Exalted Orbs Tips

The Exile Road 3.0 International Service has been tested. The super-high gameplay of POE has attracted many new players. Let us now learn how to use the market correctly and how to earn Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs.

Market use


First need the current character to reach level 70

The current market, it is very easy to buy dark gold equipment and currency, directly choose the big type – small type
Just search for keywords.

The yellow equipment is relatively complicated. It is necessary to accurately recognize the attributes that you need. You can search for the exact attributes by separating them with spaces.

It’s much easier to buy things, first add a field after level 70.

After dragging the item from the package into the market, right click on the note or directly select the price to wait for the person to buy it.

Be sure to see the currency value given by the bidder when trading, and don’t be induced by words to avoid irreparable losses.
 Cheap Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs

Item Level (viewed by ATL) Complete set of items in 60-74 (including head, clothes, gloves, shoes, belts, necklaces, 2x rings, two-handed weapons/one-handed weapons + shields/2x one-handed weapons), A set of 1C has been identified and a set of 2C has not been identified.

The suggestion is to collect the most difficult parts (the necklace ring belt) in an orderly manner, and then sell them together with other parts that are easy to reach.

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