PoE Introduction to defense attributes, there are amazing numerical calculations. – Buy POE Currency – Buy Cheap Path of exile Orb, PoE Currency Guide

PoE Introduction to defense attributes, there are amazing numerical calculations.

Defense mechanism

Blood volume

Each character starts with 50 lives, +12 life per level

Every point of strength can be +0.5 life

Increases “Life Base Bonus” and “By Life Percent Bonus %” through equipment and talent

Life base bonuses: +12 maximum health for some equipment.

Percentage of life bonus %: Some talents have +5% health on them.

Blood volume formula:

Maximum Blood Volume = (38 + (Level * 12) + (Power / 2) + Base Bonus) * (100% + Percentage Bonus %)


Each character starts with 40 magic, and each level is +4 magic.

Every bit of wisdom can +1 magic

The starting base of each character’s enchantress rate is 105% per minute (1.75% per second)

Increases the rate of return to magic through auras and affixes that increase magical response speed

Energy Shield

In addition to mixed ton damage, all damage is deducted from the shield and life is deducted.

Mixed ton damage will pierce the shield and deduct life directly

50% chance to avoid being dizzy when the shield is not zero

When the player is not hurt for a period of time, the shield will automatically resume. This time is 6 seconds. This can be shortened by reducing the suffix of the energy shield delay.

Automatic reply seconds formula:

600 / (100 + reduced energy shield delay%)

For example, if the player has 100% reduced energy shield delay, it will take 3 seconds to return to the energy shield.

Reduce Energy Shield Delay Related Legends:

Soul blow

Xue Lang’s bodyguard robe

Cold gaze

Cracking edge



Armor only reduces the physical damage taken and cannot reduce elemental damage.

Armor maximum damage reduction effect is 90%

Damage Reduction = Armor / ( Armor + (10 * Damage))

The 2.0 modification is to change the original 12 to 10, which will increase the efficiency by 18%, but only for the larger damage.


The dodge value allows the character to have a certain chance to dodge the damage received, including the state of the elements received and dizziness.

The dodge value can only dodge the damage caused by the attack and cannot avoid the damage caused by the spell.

The dodge rate will not be lower than 5% (in special circumstances, the talent will be reduced to 0 if the talent is selected), and the upper limit is 95%.


Evade is not the same as Dodge. Let’s open another paragraph and discuss it with the previous paragraph.

Dodge this ability by relying on genres of talent (transition illusions and later points) and legends.

Avoid physics and spells to avoid, and dodge spells with spells and dodge abilities to hide spell damage.

Dodge and dodge common calculation method (attack):

The probability that a character can dodge an attack = 1 – ( (1 – dodge rate) * (1 – dodge rate))

For example, when a character has a 40% dodge rate and a 20% dodge rate, the chance of a dodge attack is 52%.

Avoid the legendary equipment:

Dresdner’s Sweatshirt

Sily’s Warrior

Azri’s Golden Horse

Dark Thunder

Mute seal


There are four resistances in the game.

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Fire, ice, and reactance are elemental resistance, reducing the damage to the elements

Mixed tons of resistance can reduce the damage caused by mixed tons, but not elemental resistance

Normal mode character’s basic resistance is 0%, cruel mode is -20%, and ruthless mode is -60%

The basic character’s resistance limit is 75%, but the maximum resistance limit can be increased through aura, talent, equipment, and potions.

Resistance ceiling related legendary equipment:

eternal life

Magical shield

Frost mirror

Wing of the Flame

Safir’s wisdom

Baoshi Essence

Cattle cage

Southern Thunder Staff

Grid file

Players will not be harmed when the grid file is successful

Framing rate can be obtained through shields, long staff, or dual wield weapons

Talent can enhance the grid file rate, but different types of grid files need to be added through different talents.

For example: Two-player grid file talent can’t increase the length of the staff.

In the unmarked condition, the grid rate displayed on the equipment is the attack grid rate, which can be increased or converted to spell frame rate through talent and legendary equipment.

There is a certain amount of animation time in the player’s grid file, similar to the lag time after the grid file. This time can be reduced through the grid file reply% affixes (including grid file stun response%) to reduce this rigid time

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Grid file response calculation (milliseconds):

Grid time = 350 / ( 1 + grid reply %)

Associated spell file legendary equipment:

The anvil of faith

Laziva’s Lingshi

Rain of ritual

Heart of sacrifice

Safir’s wisdom

Wing of troubled times

Engel’s fork

Hong Yaozhiyue

Hegemonic era

Confused magical

Mountain’s response

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