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PoE Career set up

The career setting of this game is very special and does not substantially affect the use of any items or skills. The differences are:

The role model is different
The starting position of the talent is different
Different task rewards
Different starting ability values
Barbarian (Power): 32 Strength, 14 Agility, 14 Wisdom
Ranger (Agile): 14 Strength, 32 Agility, 14 Wisdom
Witch (Wisdom): 14 Strength, 14 Agility, 32 Wisdom
Dueling (Power/Agility): 23 Strength, 23 Agility, 14 Wisdom
Templar (Power / Wisdom): 23 Power, 14 Agility, 23 Wisdom
Shadow Assassin (Agile/Wisdom): 14 Strength, 23 Agility, 23 Wisdom
Nobility (Power / Agility / Wisdom): 20 Strength, 20 Agility, 20 Wisdom
Each career upgrade does not gain Strength/Agility/Intelligence attributes, but instead

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Start +50 Max Life, +12 Max Life per level
Start +40 max magic, +4 max per level
Starting +50 Dodge, +3 Dodge per level
+2 hits per level
Each point attribute adds life/magic/dodge value

Strength per 1 point +0.5 maximum life, increased by 0.2% melee physical damage
Agile +2 point hits per 1 point, increased 0.2% dodge rate
Every 1 point of wisdom +0.5 maximum magic, increase 0.2% energy shield

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