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Path of Exile introduction overview – Seven roles

“Path of Exile” is a dark fantasy style online action game with the background of what is known as the “Ghost Island” in the city of Valklas. An independent small team of senior gamers from New Zealand created “Path of Exile” in order to make a game he wanted to play. The game is designed around the barter economy system, in-depth character customization, highly competitive player play and ladder competition.

Seven roles
There are three basic character attributes in Path of Exile: Each character has its own corresponding attribute, but it does not mean that the character must develop in that direction.

Power (Red): Barbarian
Strength-giving attributes are biased toward the original damage, while weapons are presented with higher basic damage. On the defensive side, power can increase the reduction of physical damage. Monstrous monsters usually cause higher damage and are more difficult to kill. The role of the biased force attribute in Exiled Martyrs is: Barbarians.

Agility (Green): Ranger
The attributes given by agile are biased toward the agility in combat, and they are presented at higher attack speeds on weapons. On the defensive side, agility makes it easier for a character to dodge an enemy attack. Agile monsters are usually more flexible and difficult to hit, and they usually keep their distance from attacking, or use multiple weapons. The role of agile attributes in Exile: is a ranger

Wisdom (Blue): Witch
The properties conferred by wisdom are biased toward mysterious magic and deadly fighting techniques, while weapons are presented with higher lethality. On the defensive side, intelligence can bring a layer of mysterious energy shields to the character. It will give priority to replacing the amount of blood to bear damage, and will naturally recover in non-combat situations. Monsters that are biased towards intelligence are usually fragile but deadly glass holders. It is best to prioritize them. The role of biased intelligence in Exiled Martyrs is: Witch

Strength / Agility: duelist
Duel fighters are a composite type of character that favors strength and agility.

Strength / Wisdom: Templar
The templar is a complex type of character that favors strength and wisdom.

Agility / Wisdom: Shadow Assassin
The Shadow Assassin is a composite character, biased towards agility and wisdom.

Strength / Agility / Wisdom: Aristocracy
Aristocrats are a complex type of character that is equally distributed among strength, agility, and wisdom.

Characters, monsters, and equipment may also have complex attributes. For example, a long-bar weapon has a 70% power and 30% intelligence. Compared to hammers that are 100% more powerful, the long staff has a higher critical strike rate and lower base damage.

At present, there are four compound characters in the “Exile”: duellers, templars, shadow assassins, and nobles.

As long as it satisfies the use requirements, all characters can use any skill gems and equipment. How to strike a balance between character-oriented and non-predominant attributes and create highly personal features is one of the biggest tastes of this game. In any case, it is relatively easy to use the property configuration that you prefer when you have no idea.

Path of Exile Introduction

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