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Path of Exile Detailed prehistoric plot – 2

The first person to attack was Kaom, king of the Kulaiyis. His tribal warriors paddled a small boat from the southern coast and encountered the Empire’s first line of defense, the strongest of the three major jewels. Their commander is Marceus Lioneye, known as the Jade Axe.
The Lion Eye Corps is an elite jewel warrior. They are armed with heavy armor and carry giant shields. The Claiyi tribal warriors are massacred like livestock in a circle. However, King Caam had early measures. He pretended to defeat and lured the enemy. Because of many years of fighting with the Kurais, the Lions knew that the warriors of the Kulei obeyed the tribal taboos and would not use any projectile weapons. Therefore, the rate department pursued a valley. What he did not know, however, was that the so-called holy taboos were only applicable to tribal males. King Caam had already trained his sister Hyri and other tribal females as archers. Thousands of female archers ambushed on both sides of the gorge, and under an order, the sky-shrouded arrows rained over the Lion’s eye army. As a result, the Jade Axe commanded and the Empire’s strongest jewels collapsed. (Landlord’s Note: From this point of view, Lioneye’s Glare is not likely to be the bow of the lion’s eye. After all, his title is “The Jade Axe.” On the contrary, this bow is probably the name of the Lion’s Eye. The defiance of that weapon, and the name Lion Eyes just described the last eye of the lion’s eye before his death.

After the lion’s eyes died, the chief of the Caam’s army drove straight into the room. The Shavronne, the alien engineer responsible for inland defense, was desperate. In the end she convinced Brutus, the warden of the Axiom prison, to turn the latter into an inhuman monster attempting to defeat Kaum. However, Caome did not use the prison, he led the tribe to boat along the coast. However, they encountered a mysterious obstacle near the Kraken Cave. In addition to the fertile land on the southern coast, King Caom also lost his heart to enter the army and simply led the tribe to live in the area.

The second alien reinforcements came from Maracas. The price that Wall invited to this reinforcement was to return the Vasteri plains currently occupied by the Empire to the Maracas. However, there is another demand from Deshret, the Marrakesh queen, that is the skin of Hector Tatutius, chief of the Imperial Desert Army.
Hector also led the same gem regiment. He was proud of himself and did not look down on the Maracas at all. Wall and the Queen set a plan together. The Maracas lived in the desert for many years and could predict various climates in the desert. Wall then arranged a group of imperial men to disguise themselves as informers, claiming that the desert tribes would hold an uprising somewhere. The Hector Group heard that it had entered the desert hinterland and was ready to suppress it. In the evening, Hector declared camp, but he did not know that his camp would be the only road to a Desert Storm the following morning.
The next morning, the sandstorm arrived on schedule. After the Hector’s army was in chaos, the Queen’s Desert Cavalry attacked and eventually eliminated the enemy. The Queen won her prize – she made Hector’s skins saddle and placed them on her mount’s back.

The third alien reinforcements came from Yizumist. Wall knows that they love the poetry and romantic personality, and therefore arranges the great poet Victa Río to meet the great Grand Prixist Rigwald. The poet’s rhetoric really impressed the Etruscans, and the Grand Patriarch announced his participation in the holy rebellion.
Their enemy is the weakest of the three jewels, commanded by government official Sentari. The morale of the Zumist fighters was soaring. They waved thousands of flags of different colors and rushed to powerful jewel warriors without fear. Although each Imperial soldier can kill several tribal warriors before his death. But in the final bloody battle, Sentally feared and fled. The zealots of Zumist had finally won, and their team’s thousand colored banners were all stained with red blood. Later generations called them “flowers of blood”.

The three jewels have been wiped out and the capital of the Empire, Saan, is in jeopardy. Wall’s army began to attack and Adus, the commander of the guard gate, joined them immediately. Revolutionaries poured into the city. (The landlord’s note: The graffiti on the wall of the Saan is written by the revolutionary army, and the monkey king should be the nickname of the emperor Zidaz.) The emperor Zidas tried to resist the only jeweled warrior under his hand, but in the end it was The mayor of Saan City, Lord Andor, died from behind his assassination.
Afterwards, although the Falesian dynasty killed some revolutionary participants through an assassin association, it was ultimately unable to rewrite the fate of the dynasty. The Empire Calendar In 1333, the Falesian dynasty ended and the high-ranked Templars Wall became the emperor. A new era of eternal empire opened, Thebrus

Marachai was taken to the Temple of the Sun and Wall announced that he would be burned to death. However, this stranger eventually saved his life. He promised that he could create a device that would completely wipe out the different techniques from the mainland. This proposal caused Wall’s interest. In the following years, Maracay made a public work outside the Temple of the Sun and made the machine he claimed to be able to completely eliminate the alien.
Finally in 1336, Maracay announced the completion of the machine. On that day, the kings and nobles gathered outside the Temple of the Sun, and Maracai appeared with his lover’s gems and queens at the ceremony. Then no one knew about the story. Another great cataclysm occurred in Viklaz. Special mainland. The record of the eternal empire ends here. As in the last time, the purpose, process, and results of this ceremony were all lost in the long river of history. (The landlord’s note: According to the dialogue with the gem Queen, you can guess some clues. The greater possibility is that the ceremony itself needs to sacrifice the gem queen, Maracay begged her to sacrifice herself for the empire, but in the end the empress changed his mind and chose Himself, the jewel queen was originally the highest masterpiece created by Maracay, and was the only survivor in the central region after the Cataclysm. These details can also explain the problem.)

After the Cataclysm, the first person to feel anomalous was the Kurai who settled on the south coast. They could not sleep at night and fall into a nightmare; then the cattle and sheep began to mutate, and the animals madly ate people; finally the dead people crawled out of the earth. King Khamu pleaded with the ancestors for guidance. A voice told him to go deep into the empire. In the end, King Caam started with five hundred soldiers and marched toward the heart of the disaster. They never returned. The remaining people tolerated the grief and fear and led the boat back to their hometown under the leadership of Haire. The demise of the eternal empire also spread to other corners of the world with the remarks of the Kurais.

After the eternal empire was ruined, the Vikram continent was still full of evil spirits. The distant island nation, Oriah, began to use this land of death as an exile for exile. However, with the increasing number of related news, Oria’s ruler, Dominus, a high-ranking templar, began to become interested in what happened on this continent. (It is very likely that Orias is not a big country…because their rulers come from the Knights Templar culture of the eternal empire; it is possible that Oria is just an overseas colony of the eternal empire during its heyday.) In order to explore the mysteries of the different techniques and gemstones, Oria’s army opened Go to the ruins of the eternal empire. There, Pieter began collecting information and relics about various techniques, and she eventually met you.

Path of Exile Detailed prehistoric plot – 1

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