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Path of Exile Detailed prehistoric plot – 1

The earliest civilization on the continent of Wraeclast was the Vaal empire, which should have been more than 3,000 years old. The Var people hold a mysterious technology called Virtue Gem, which once reached an amazing level of prosperity. The last queen of the Waal Dynasty was Atziri. The history book records that her appearance is slender and unique. She is the only beauty in the world. Ai Lili is extremely narcissistic. She displays countless mirrors on her royal court. All courtiers, including herself, must remain naked all the time. It was this arrogant and almost ridiculous queen who ended the entire process of the Valle Civilization. About 1900 years ago, a terrible serial murder occurred in the Waal society. Dozens of noble girls and teenagers were tortured to death by unimaginable torture. The main offender of the incident was Zerphi, a noble of the Waals. When he was finally at the age of 168, he found that he was not an old man at all. Instead, he was a young man of 20 years old. This point was noticed by Queen Aziriz, who was pursuing her youth. She ordered Dorenani, her mentor, to conduct related research. The latter put thousands of men and women into the laboratory and tortured them until they died, trying to find clues to their youth. Yu Yani also became the first Thaumortagist in history—a horror career dedicated to transforming humankind through various methods. Finally, the research seems to have achieved results. Historically, Queen Ayili decided to hold a “Communion” ceremony to achieve a certain purpose. The details, process, and purpose of this ritual have been lost in history because it directly ended the thousands of years of the Valle Civilization. The destruction was so thorough that only a few indistinct people survived. They finally fled to the Azmeri tribe in the jungle.

At that time, the ancestors of the eternal empire, the Azmali tribe, still lived in the jungle. Thousand years ago, the Waal civilization discovered them and taught them writing and farming. When the Cataclysm occurred, the Azmalians opened their arms to meet the surviving Warrior refugees. A total of 3,126 people survived. 3126, this is the last remnant of the Vaal empire, with tens of millions of people. They eventually merged into the Azmalian tribe.
Four hundred years after the devastation of the Vaal civilization, the Azmari chief Tarcus Veruso came to the heart of the former Valle Empire and established a new empire, the Eternal Empire, in the Sarn region. That year was called the first year of the empire. Tarkas said: “The Val people lost themselves because of bronze and gold and silver, flesh and precious stones. We will never lose our Azmari. From now on, we will widen our eyes day and night.” As a doctrine, The Knights Templar was also established. Its sign was an open eye. (The landlord’s note: There are still many signs on the skill, such as Tempest Shield.) The Azmari promulgated a decree prohibiting the study of alien arts while embedding the rhythm jewels of the Vale Empire in the ridges.
However, the landscape was not long. Just 35 years after the founding of the Eternal Empire, Tarkas, the first emperor, passed away. His successor, Caspero, was dismembered by the unknown darkness and the entire kingdom was lost in the night. The second act is very much like). At that time, General Alano Phrecia, the general of the imperial regime, led the army and marched in a decisive battle with the dark forces in the center of the empire, eventually sealing the dark forces to revenge the emperor and dispelling the night of the empire. Therefore, he was embraced as the new emperor of the eternal empire, and the Varuso dynasty was replaced by the Falesian dynasty.
Under the rule of several generations of the Emperor Francis of Falesia, the eternal empire flourished and eventually became a great empire that lasted for a thousand years. Surrounding inhabitants such as Ezomytes (Ezomytes, a Berserker with a love of poetry and martial arts based on Northern Europe ), Marakath (Northern Africa as a prototype, nomadic people in the desert), Kurai (Kurai, based on the indigenous island of tropical islands) were all conquered and accepted as slaves, and the heyday of the Empire spanned the entire territory. mainland.

However, despite being severely banned, the pursuit of immortality, that is, the pursuit of various techniques and gemstones is still appearing in history from time to time. About 400 years of the Empire’s calendar, an alien engineer, Maligaro, partially restored the techniques that the Val people could use. He converted the German gems to the Baleful Gem, and infused the essence of the gems into the human body through a device called the thorns of Marigolo. This experiment gave birth to many alien species.
The time shifted to the Imperial Calendar in 1333. At that time, the empire was in its midst, and the emperor Chitus moved the idea of ​​immortality and began to study gems and techniques. At this time, the genius architect Marlachai was born. By combining gemstones with sulphur, Maracay has taken gemstones to new heights, allowing them to be implanted directly into the human body, giving users a tremendous leap in energy, such as immortality and amazing fighting power. Flying at high altitude, even into a dream. Zidath praised the “This law eliminates the distance between humans and the gods.” At that time, the Empire had three jewels, all of which consisted of intensified soldiers embedded with gems and defended the borders of the Empire. The most incredible achievement of Maracay is the jewel queen Dialla.
Tiara was originally a pet of the emperor, but he was punished for his spit and tongue, and was given to Maracay as an experimental product. However, the two finally fell in love. Marakih spent all of his life learning and strengthened Tiyalar as the most incredible gem implant in the world. Her spine was implanted with many gems, far better than ordinary gem-strengthening people.

The eternal empire became extremely powerful because of the jewel method. The emperor sat in an invincible gemstone regiment, believing that he could sit back and relax and become increasingly brutal with the rule of the people. At the same time, he re-used an alien division on the court to suppress the nobles and templar warriors. These practices finally caused a resentment. Under the leadership of the high-level Templar Voll and the people’s poet Victario, an uprising called “The Purity Rebellion” is in full swing. In addition to removing the Knights of the Temple and the general public, Voll also received the support of many nobles within Saan. In order to defeat the mighty jewels, they also made alliances with the empire’s once-famous defeated men, the Zummitists, the Maraklas and the Kuleyi. Wall stationed his troops outside the city of Saan, while the alien reinforcements began to attack the Gem Corps stationed at the border. A storm is set off across the continent.

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