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Month: June 2018

PoE Career set up

The career setting of this game is very special and does not substantially affect the use of any items or skills. The differences are: The role model is different The starting position of the talent is different Different…

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Path of Exile introduction overview – Seven roles

“Path of Exile” is a dark fantasy style online action game with the background of what is known as the “Ghost Island” in the city of Valklas. An independent small team of senior gamers from New Zealand created…

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Path of Exile Detailed prehistoric plot – 2

The first person to attack was Kaom, king of the Kulaiyis. His tribal warriors paddled a small boat from the southern coast and encountered the Empire’s first line of defense, the strongest of the three major jewels. Their…

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Path of Exile Detailed prehistoric plot – 1

The earliest civilization on the continent of Wraeclast was the Vaal empire, which should have been more than 3,000 years old. The Var people hold a mysterious technology called Virtue Gem, which once reached an amazing level of…

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